Dog (and People!) Training

Does your dog charge the door when someone knocks?  Jump on people?  Beg at the table? Take off the minute they are off the leash? Take you for a walk instead of the other way around? Always have too much energy? Bark often? Just generally disrespectful? Housebreaking a puppy?
These are the most common issues I hear about. Many have tried the pet store classes with some results but the benefits are soon lost and the pet returns to the unwanted behaviors. Often this is more an issue with the people training than the pets!

Some common myths:

  • My breed of dog is just high energy and will never settle down
  • My dog was rescued/abused so we can’t expect him to change
  • My life/world has to change to accomodate my dog (they can easily assimilate into your life!)
  • Everybody loves it when my dog jumps on them and wants to visit!

I Can Help!

I will teach you and your dog at the same time. Then we can teach the rest of the family. The best news – you will see almost immediate results and improvement!

I can also help you train you dogs to do tricks if they have a solid foundation. Sit up, play dead, dance on hind legs, jump over, roll over and more!

Contact me for a free 15 minute phone consultation (or in person depending on location).

Rates:  $60/hour (prorated after the first hour and within 30 miles roundtrip of 33776. Minor travel charges may apply beyond 30 miles roundtrip).

  Group class forming  in Seminole, FL in early December.

I am a third generation professional animal trainer, and would love to help you find more enjoyment and less frustration with your pet. I will also teach you how to connect mentally with your pet

Email: for more information or to set up an appointment!