What makes my HorseTrix training program unique is that I work very diligently on creating a solid foundation with my horses.  The results are such that  I can then take them anyplace at any time and get a great result.  They are comfortable in any situation, and consistently do their routine.  Some folks offer trick and liberty training, and might have a great online presence, but the proof should be in their ability to showcase their animal’s talents in any setting, and also replicate the training with many horses.  Training just one horse is nice, but if I am putting my stock in someone to train my horse, I want to know they are not a ‘one hit wonder’.  My father, a 2nd generation trainer, instilled in my sisters and I, that we cannot call ourselves trainers and charge for our services until we have proven ourselves through a solid training program, and then being able to replicate that with a variety of horses.  So, my friends, I encourage you to really delve deeper into trainers and training programs when you decide to spend your hard-earned money!